Boutique Necklaces, 70 statement pieces $125

Boutique Necklaces - 70 Statement pieces $125 ($1.78/piece).

♥Formal, Chunky and Statement pieces
♥Mix of in demand elegant styles
♥Money back guarantee

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$4.25-$12.00 $1.78 $2.47 - $10.22 

Photos are an idea of what you may receive, each lot will vary as they are assorted with our current inventory. We guarantee you will love the mixed lot you receive.

Lot Features

  • We have here a heavily assorted mixture of various styles, colors and trends to suit all your customers.
  • Very little repeats.
  • Boutique Quality Necklaces.
  • Many chunky statement pieces also.

Receive 70 stunning necklaces for $125

Our promise

 Money back guarantee

 Free Shipping


♥ You are saving up to $172 - $715 by purchasing a mixed lot through us instead of traditional wholesale companies.